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Operation Link-Up Admission Application









What do you desire to accomplish as a teenager?


Describe the strengths of your personality?


Describe the weaknesses of your personality?


What Youth Groups are you currently involved in?


Why do you desire to become a member of  Operation Link-Up?


In what ways do you feel you can positively impact this organization?


Which art group(s) would you like to participate in?

 Drama      Dance Troupe      Choir      Martial Arts 

Operation Link-Up has structured rules and guidelines that all teens must carefully follow.
If you are accepted as a member are you willing to obey the rules as outlined in the members orientation? Yes:

Feel free to express any concerns or issues that you're dealing with in your life?  


Please list your hobbies, hang outs and interests:

# 1:
# 2:
# 3:
# 4:

List any musical instruments that you play below.


*The parents of all applicants must complete two parent orientation sessions.  Please note that we ask that you bring all referall forms and sheets (from schools and agencies) to our initial session.  Our staff will call you to inform you of our next available orientation time upon receipt of this application.  

*Please note that all teens that are accepted into the Operation Link-Up Teen Mentoring Program must complete a three week membership orientation. 

*The Operation Link-Up Teen Mentoring Program is more than a safe haven.  It is a very structured mentoring institution that is designed to build spiritual, moral and social character in teens.  Our program only accepts teens who commit and comply with our standard of excellence! 

*The Operation Link-Up Mentoring Program accomodates it's members up to five days per week.  

Yes, I have carefully examined the terms of this agreement as outlined above. Please enter your name  and date in the fields below and submit this form.  Our staff will contact you in 2-3 business days. 

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