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Operation Link-Up. Mentoring, Motivating and Mobilizing Teens!
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Connection Club Program Model

Be Empowered to Impact Teens through the Connection Club Program Model

Connection Clubs provide concerned adults with everything that they need to make a difference in the lives of teens in their neighborhoods. A Connection Club is a mini-version of the full-scale Operation Link-Up Teen Empowerment Program. This proven program model easily works in homes, apartment complexes, schools and ministries. We provide you with our start-up program package and you use it in your own unique way to reach teens. It is easy-to-use and perfect for after-school hours and weekends!

Our Proven Program Model Equips You To Do These Things Immediately!

Build self-worth in teens

Increase positivity among teens

Inspire excellence in teens

Improve the grades of teens

Decrease delinquency among teens

Positively engage teens each week

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